Why Doesn’t Trump Wear A Mask

Why Doesn’t Trump Wear A Mask

On Tuesday, Donald Trump visited an Arizona mask-making factory as part of his Douchnozzle PR Tour 2020, where he made the conscious decision not to wear a mask. It's a confounding choice, at least at first blush, why a person would forgo wearing protective gear at a place where you manufacture protective gear. Sure, even if you grant that Trump didn't need one as he claims, doesn't it still kind of signal to the workers, "Hey, I don't care about the thing you do here." It'd be like if a vegan went to a meat-packing plant, not to protest or as a form of activism, but just to enjoy the ambiance.

But when you begin to put yourself in Trump's shoes and matching tiny gloves, things start to make sense. Trump, above all else, is afraid to look weak. He can't look weak. He's President Macho-Big-Boy. It's all he has. So even though he's a noted germaphobe -- to the point where he will insist people leave the room if they cough -- wearing a mask in public is not an option for him.

We've written before about this administration forgoing protective masks in an effort to look brave or saintly. Mike Pence didn't wear a mask when visiting the Mayo clinic last week. But while Pence has since apologized for his actions, Trump will never and can never do the same. It's the same reason Mussolini would rip his shirt off Hulkamania-style while skiing:

It's unbridled machismo in lieu of a plan, and right now, Trump doesn't have much of a plan to keep coronavirus from messing with his reelection chances.

There's also a narcissistic aspect to it for sure. Trump wants every camera to see the full brunt of his bronzer-smeared face. As Nancy Pelosi speculated, "It's a vanity thing, I guess, with him. You'd think, as the president of the United States, you would have the confidence to honor the guidance he's giving the country." But that also ignores the much larger point. Trump's power is his brand. Hiding his face behind a mask makes him less Trump, even if -- actually, especially if -- it is a purely asinine move.

So expect Trump to act like Coronavirus ain't no thang as he continues to push for the country to reopen. Yeah, he may be dousing his tiny, almost baby-like hands in Purell behind closed doors, but that's not for you to worry about. Your job is to get back to work for the sake of our economy, and Trump's reelection chances. What if you happen to get sick along the way? Well, then, clearly, you weren't tough enough.

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Top Image: The White House

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