Mississippi Blew Money For The Poor On Brett Favre And Pro Wrestlers

Mississippi Blew Money For The Poor On Brett Favre And Pro Wrestlers

There's been a lot in the news lately about bailouts, what kind of oversight there should be, and how best to get financial help to the American people. And, as a recent report shows, it might be best if Mississippi got a little extra scoop of oversight on their piggy bank because they seem to have chucked their coins at native son Brett Favre for nothing.

Already one of the poorest states in the country, needing help with everything from education to employment, this is a state that could certainly use a hand, and that's what the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program is supposed to do. But, based on a financial audit, it looks like Mississippi really blew it with this whole "helping people" thing. They spent $94 million like they were trying to meet the stipulations of a rich crazy uncle's will. While much of it went to the standard "cars and stuff" categories of shady spending, there are some outright bizarre purchasing choices.

Notably, they appear to have spent $1.1 million on three separate speaking appearances by Brett Favre, none of which he showed up for. Now, it would seem that if one doesn't show up for a job, they don't get paid, right? Well, Favre seems to have still gotten his $1.1 million. While we can't speak to his finances, that's probably more than every other high school football coach in Mississippi is making, but still less than what the New York Jets tossed at him to throw 22 interceptions and unsolicited dick pics to female employees. Favre faces no criminal charges for accepting the money and hasn't commented on the report yet.

There was also an undisclosed amount of money paid to pro wrestlers Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase (how appropriate), and his sons Ted DiBiase Jr. and Brett DiBiase. They did some work, it seems, but probably not enough to justify $3.1 million-plus of what's being referred to as "unreasonable travel costs." Unreasonable travel costs could mean anything in Mississippi, where owning a fan boat is a legitimate means of transportation.

Stealing from charity sucks, there are no two ways around it. Maybe this is finally the proof everyone needs to realize a majority of the issues with welfare isn't coming from poor people who need help -- it's the rich bozos in charge of the purse strings messing it up.

Top Image: Arnie Papp/Wiki Commons

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