'Call of Duty''s Anti-Cheating System Will Lead To The 'Supercheater'

Charles Darwin would be very afraid to play 'COD' right about now.
'Call of Duty''s Anti-Cheating System Will Lead To The 'Supercheater'

From hacking Pong to the Missingno exploit in Pokemon Red/Blue, cheating has always been a part of videogames. In single-player games like Pokemon, cheating is a victimless crime. Online multiplayer games are a different story, and if you don't know why, then allow us to show you:

That clip is from Call Of Duty: Warzone, a game that's been hit with such a massive influx of cheaters that it's like a garbage Captain America yelled, "Assholes Assemble!" It's gotten so bad that console users have decided to opt-out of playing with PC gamers -- whose cheating is more prevalent -- altogether. Despite COD developer Infinity Ward banning over 70,000 accounts, the problem persists.

This has led to Infinity Ward creating an interesting and downright poetic solution. Players suspected of cheating, or that the game previously detected cheating, will be forced into a lobby of other cheaters as punishment. It's like Dante's Inferno except, instead of being forced to fight the wrathful over the river Styx, you're caught in a crossfire of magic bullets, modified controllers, and aimbots. You'll die almost immediately, only to respawn and die again, forever stuck in a Tom Cruise-ian respawn loop. It might just be the aptest description of gaming purgatory imaginable.

The thinking is probably that all the cheaters will learn to play nice so that their games can actually function as real games. (It's the prisoner's dilemma in action.) Wow, this plan might be crazy enough to work ... just kidding, it's going to backfire horribly.

Here's what we think will happen instead: The cheaters won't learn their lessons, but will actually find new ways to one-up each other with their cheating and, in this petri dish of scammers and grifters, only the strongest will survive. Thus, Supercheaters will be born. Much like Bane being molded by the darkness, they too will be molded by the cesspool that is the hackers' lobby, and they will unleash their wrath upon Gotham City/your unsuspecting ass as you're playing COD. So prepare yourselves denizens of Call of Duty: Warzone. A storm is coming, and that storm is thousands of angry nerds who have honed their cheating talents to God mode.

Top Image: Activision/Call of Duty: Warzone

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