This Yelling Man Is Pure Catharsis

This Yelling Man Is Pure Catharsis

If you're feeling angry about the quarantine, we feel ya. This situation sucks, and even if you recognize that social distancing's benefits, in the long run, outweigh the negatives in the short-run, that doesn't make it any easier for you to pay your rent. We're all angry, and perhaps no one has better captured the frustration of our current moment than this guy furiously screaming in his car about the government.

That is comedian Vic DiBitetto, and his outburst of rage towards the government's failure to stop banks from collecting mortgage payments is a month's worth cathartic release crammed into two and a half minutes. Will Congress or Trump see this and look to make a policy change? Probably not. But DiBitetto's indignant spittle shooting down upon the camera lens feels like a baptizing rain as his thick Brooklyn accent soothes our soul.

We're pretty sure the nation is one more setback away from popping several blood vessels, then blacking out behind a mask-covered swear storm, and this rant perfectly encapsulates that. DiBitetto is so angry that he makes Lewis Black look like Mister Rogers on Xanax. You get the sense that if anyone were to sideswipe him in that parked car, he'd be hunting them down with a ferocity the likes of which Liam Neeson's Taken character could only dream of having.

You can debate his positions and methods, but what you can't argue is that DiBitetto is channeling America's collective exasperation. To see it in action is more refreshing than any poorly thought out celebrity sing-along cover could ever hope to achieve. Note: Don't try debating him to his face because he'll probably do this to you for not staying six feet away:

Top Image: Vic DiBetetto/YouTube

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