Remember how annoying it was when you were in the middle of an epic killstreak on Halo, only for your mom to disconnect the router and say it's time for bed. Well, imagine that feeling, but on a much scarier, national scale. And except, instead of playing Halo, it applies to all online games in general, and instead of your mom, it's the Chinese government, and instead of whining and going to your room, you've shit your pants because you're living in an actual totalitarian regime.

China has banned online gaming with foreigners after 23-year old activist Joshua Wong used Animal Crossing to criticize the Chinese government and write "Free Hong Kong."

It's an astounding display of censorship and authority, and much like a pro player owning you in Super Smash Bros., the Chinese government is layering in more hits to the people before they even have time to react. Zombies, plagues, map editing, roleplaying, and organizing a union in games has also been made illegal, as well as playing games from 10 pm-to-9 am if you are under 18 years old.

Even more incredible, it turns out that the memers and trolls of the Internet's darkest and lamest corners were right (At least in this very specific instance.). Gamers are actually being oppressed, but instead of not having access to dates, it's about not having access to free speech and privacy. So, and I can't believe I'm saying this un-ironically, it might be time to rise up, gamers. Because if people aren't allowed to interact in a game where cute, talking animals collect bells and go fishing, then eventually they won't be allowed to interact with anyone on anything at all.

Top Image: Joshua Wong/Twitter Via Nintendo

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