A Quiet New York Gets A Clear, Beautiful Hendrix Tribute

We never know what beauty 7 pm will bring in New York City.
A Quiet New York Gets A Clear, Beautiful Hendrix Tribute

New York is famously the city that never sleeps, be it $1 slices of pizza at 3 am, or maybe a bodega cat yowling at a fleeing pizza rat as the sun rises. There's a certain beauty in the noise when you immerse yourself in it, which is why it's been so strange and eerie to look at the streets of New York during this pandemic crisis. It's quiet in the city in a way that it hasn't been since New Amsterdam was a thing.

NYC is getting hit harder than just about anywhere. So to break up the silence, New Yorkers, like people around the world, have taken to their balconies for some distant socializing (sometimes Kermit the Frog pops out). And, on Monday night, a bunch of folks were treated to this beautiful rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner", as sent to Gothamist.

For those of you who aren't up to speed on your rock history, that's a take on the version Jimi Hendrix did at Woodstock.

Instead of ringing through a muddy, garden of hippie shit, that guitarist's melody reverberated through the New York City sunset -- where the levels of shit in the Garden have actually decreased since the NBA suspended the Knicks season. It was made all the more beautiful by a rainbow over Brooklyn. Not something you get every day, but we should appreciate the nice surprises when they come.

Top Image: Marjut Valakivi/Wiki Commons


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