The Definitive Oral History of ‘Titus’

The traditional sitcom never would have died without the early aughts Fox sitcom choking the life out of it with its brutal honesty and unadulterated laughs. Now, creator and star Christopher Titus, along with the rest of the show’s cast and crew, share how they found poetry and humor in his pain — pissing off network executives all along the way

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Rage About The New PS5 Controller Is Mystifying

Rage About The New PS5 Controller Is Mystifying

The highly anticipated design for the Duel Sense Playstation 5 controller was just released yesterday and I, for one, think it looks freaking rad as hell.

The body looks like it might gain sentience at any moment. There's a built-in microphone so everyone can hear you rage at them for missing a headshot with crystal clear clarity. The center button is shaped like a 'PS' for god sakes -- it's cool! But what do I know, because the rest of the internet has immediately begun to shit on it.

There's more than just some random Twitter users who don't seem to like it. Here's an article from Forbes expressing concern over the color scheme. Here's an article from Techradar flat out calling it ugly. And I'm just sitting here confused, wondering how the paint job of a controller can be worth throwing a tantrum over.

Perhaps it's a bunch of Xbox fanboys hating on PS fans. Or maybe Bill Gates himself has so much free time on his hands that he's trolling Sony from various bot accounts. Or perhaps, most terrifying of all, we're all so bored from quarantine that all there's left to do is bemoan the color scheme of a controller that won't hit shelves until at least six months from now ... Wait, no, we definitely would have done that regardless. Lord help us when the actual console comes out and it's shaped like a sphere or something other than a rectangle.

Top Image: Sony

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