OJ Has Found A New Low Using 'Tiger King'

OJ Simpson recently released a video proclaiming that Carole Baskin, of Tiger King fame, definitely killed her ex-husband and goes so far as to call the man "tiger sashimi."

Naturally the Internet has latched onto this because people in high-profile murder case houses shouldn't throw stones. Here's a guy who probably should be in jail for life, accusing someone of murder after having just casually played a round of golf (And wearing gloves that fit, no less.). The only thing more tone-deaf would have been if Juice ended the video by driving off in a white Ford Bronco and running over a lion.

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But the strangeness of the situation aside, you might also have seen this video and taken it as confirmation that Carole Baskin for sure killed her husband. After all, who would know better about getting away with alleged spousal murder than OJ Simpson? But give it a few moments of thought and you begin to realize that OJ's statement has very little do with Carole Baskin, and probably everything to do with OJ trying to normalize husband and wife murderin' as much as he possibly can.

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Look, we're not saying Carole didn't serve up Don Lewis to her tigers with a side of wasabi and ginger. She very well could have. All we're saying is that OJ isn't exactly known for his detective prowess. This is a man who's either trying to "The Secret" his desired version of the universe into existence or he's just trolling. Either way, you shouldn't base your opinion off a guy who helped make this:

Yep, he's trolling.Wikipedia/ Beaufort Books.Yep, he's trolling.

Top Image: Gerald Johnson/Wiki Commons

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