It's High Time You Finally Learned the Piano

It's High Time You Finally Learned the Piano

Remember all of those piano lessons your mom made you go to as a kid? You know, at Mrs. Henderson's house, with the cats and that mysterious smell that she said was cat food but was definitely not cat food? It's no wonder you didn't become Vanessa Carlton overnight for the price of a weekend of cat-sitting, but don't give up forever! You can still learn the piano on your own time online with Pianoforall.

It's High Time You Finally Learned the Piano

Pianoforall is the modern way to learn the piano. Whether you're a master of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" or all you know is that the black keys do not taste like licorice, Pianoforall is designed to take you from beginner to intermediate levels as fast as you're willing to learn. You'll learn how to read music and play the piano by ear, you'll discover chords, inversions, and more musical concepts, and build a foundation from which to learn. Then, across 10 hours of lessons, you'll learn rhythm style piano popularized by the likes of Billy Joel and Norah Jones before expanding into ballad-style, blues, jazz, ragtime, and improv playing. You'll eventually even create your own melodies! Elton John will be begging you to collaborate before you know it. (Do it; he'll probably give you some sweet shades for the deal.)

Pianoforall is ordinarily $199.99, but it has been on sale for $29.99. Today, however, you can get it for a special $19.99 price, saving an additional $10. Learn the piano without the weird smells. Try Pianoforall today.

Prices subject to change.

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