Pick Up a Hobby This Spring with Help From These Courses

Pick Up a Hobby This Spring with Help From These Courses

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Spring is nearly sprung, which means you'll soon be able to go outside without freezing your various bulges off! Spring is all about rebirth, renaissance, new discovery, and such. We're so excited that we're encouraging you to pick up a hobby! That's right, the time has come to brush off the Cheeto dust and get. Out. There. Check out these great deals on courses that will teach you how to get a life.

The Complete Photography Side Business Bundle

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MSRP: $1,990

Sale Price: $29

While this course is framed for people looking to start a side hustle, they can't legally stop you from just taking pictures of cool stuff for no reason. Either way, this bundle will teach you how to take and edit beautiful photos and just generally be better with the ol' eye-corder.

The Complete Music Production Bundle

Pick Up a Hobby This Spring with Help From These Courses

MSRP: $1,493

Sale Price: $20

If you love music, why not make it? You can't be worse than Pitbull -- especially not after this 60-hour training, which will teach you music theory, songwriting basics, music production in Ableton, and much more.

Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano And Keyboard

Pick Up a Hobby This Spring with Help From These Courses

MSRP: $199.99

Sale Price: $29.99

Price Drop: $19.99

Speaking of music, you've been talking about learning the piano for years now. We know, we've been reading your LiveJournal. Don't worry, old Mrs. Crotchett isn't taking any new students. Instead, learn online on your own time with Pianoforall.

The Ultimate Beginner To Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle


MSRP: $1,601

Sale Price: $29

Not feeling the piano so much anymore? Well then how about guitar? This bundle will take you from an absolute beginner to an expert with practice -- and again, no strange teachers. Listen, you're not getting out of this post without learning an instrument, but you'll thank us.

The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle


MSRP: $1,177

Sale Price: $39

Alright, you caught us. Copywriting isn't really a hobby, unless you're super into Mad Men. But it's a pretty cool way to never have to get up, so we wanted to at least put it out there. You get to work from home, the pay is pretty good ... Move on? OK, moving on.

Health And Nutrition Life Coach Certification

Pick Up a Hobby This Spring with Help From These Courses

MSRP: $200

Sale Price: $12.99

We've heard that some people are super into health and nutrition. At least, we think. It was kind of hard to hear over the deafening crunch of these Doritos. But if you're one of those weirdos and also like to help others, you might enjoy becoming certified as a life coach. (You'll also have a leg up at farmer's markets.)

Pay What You Want -- The Unity Game Development Bundle


MSRP: $998.97

Price: Pay What You Want

If you're really set in your indoorsy ways, there's a good chance that you've played so many video games that the AAA world no longer has much to offer you. Why not make your own games, then? If you're not going to go outside, at least get creative by building your own games from scratch.

The Ultimate Build Your Blog Bundle


MSRP: $177

Sale Price: $29.97

Got a story to tell? Got, like, a ton of stories to tell? Make this spring the time you start your blog. This bundle will help you with the technical aspects as well as inspiration for what to write about.

Launch Your Etsy Store -- Three-Course Bundle

Etsy imokeeuset 3 COURSE BUNDLE

MSRP: $127

Sale Price: $19.99

Already have a hobby? It could be lucrative. For instance, we have a cousin who does macrame with cat hair and sells it on Etsy. You could do something like that too! Just maybe, like, candles or something. Either way, this bundle will help.

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