Popeyes Is Selling Clothing Now (And It's Kinda Rad?)

Popeyes Is Selling Clothing Now (And It's Kinda Rad?)

This summer, Popeyes launched a pretty darn good fried chicken sandwich. And those of us who felt conflicted about wanting Chick-fil-A quickly did a Google search to figure out where the nearest Popeyes was, and promptly ruined those employees' lives. Now the folks up at corporate are giving us, the gluttonous public, a chance to cosplay as those beleaguered Popeyes employees. Behold.

But honestly? If it weren't for those errant Popeyes logos, this stuff would look pretty cool. If you were walking around Brooklyn in an outfit like that, folks would wonder how they could snag themselves some of that Beyonce Ivy Park x Adidas gear. Oh yeah, did we not mention that? This Popeyes fashion line is based on Beyonce's Ivy Park & Adidas collaboration, which was already essentially based on Popeyes colors to begin with.

Popeyes sent out an email confirming that the goal was to make Beyonce-style getups that were more accessible to the public. Most of us can't really afford to drop Beyonce money on clothes, but $20 for a hat? That's doable. And ask anyone who's worked in fast food before: your work uniform is durable as all hell. You can't destroy it, even when you really, really want to. This is clothing likely to last.

Even stranger: this whole launch seemed coordinated with the Beyonce line. Beyonce's clothing sold out, and the Popeyes clothing launched right after, only to sell out, itself. To finish on an even more positive note, Popeyes isn't even doing this for the money: Proceeds are being donated to charity, and the models you see in the Popeyes photos are actual employees.

Welcome to 2020, where we are absolutely floored when a fast food company does not explicitly choose evil.

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