MoviePass Is Still Alive And Really Hates Their Subscribers

MoviePass Is Still Alive And Really Hates Their Subscribers

Like New Year's resolutions, and every New York Knicks rebuild, MoviePass was a noble idea that was predestined to fail. "Watch as many new movies as you want for anywhere between $9.95 to $19.95 a month," was too good to be true and everyone knew it. Which is why tons of people signed up to take advantage before it collapsed beneath the weight of its own monolithic stupidity.

It's still holding on for dear life, but according to an exhaustively researched Business Insider article, MoviePass has done some supremely shady things to keep its doors open and then blamed it all on technical issues.

"Having no idea how to make money is technically an issue."

In July 2018, they had to borrow $5 million just to keep their doors open, a substantial chunk of which would've gone straight out the door again when Mission: Impossible - Fallout Of Henry Cavill's Mustache was released at the end of the month. They did what any self-respecting company whose financials weren't based on magical thinking would do: They blocked a bunch of subscribers from ordering tickets on its opening weekend and sent out gibberish excuse tweets to questioning customers.

However, the most insidiously evil thing they've done so far in the name of cutting corners to prop up their walking corpse of a company is changing their heaviest users' passwords without their knowledge so they couldn't log in to buy tickets. The next time these loyal subscribers try to log in, an app with a fake beard and a baseball hat will claim it saw a movie app just like the one they're describing heading east on a train, and if they leave now they might be able to catch up. When the user runs off, MoviePass will peel off the disguise, put on a wig and sunglasses, then disappear into a crowd.

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