The Arizona Legislature has passed a bill which would remove nunchucks from the list of weapons banned in the state. That means a whole new generation of Arizonans who have grown up without the joys of nunchucks in their lives will finally get the chance to accidentally hit themselves in the groin and face at the same time. It seems pretty dumb that nunchucks have been on the same ban list as sawed-off shotguns and silencers, but it makes even less sense when you hear the reason for it.

Citizens Of Arizona Might Finally Get To Own Nunchucks
Golden Harvest
Blame this guy.

Apparently, when martial arts movies, particularly Bruce Lee movies, ruled the box office in the 1970s, terrified legislators across the country assumed that Lee's deadliness with nunchucks would translate to criminals beating their victims with them (as opposed to literally any other object that doesn't have such a high learning curve). So a handful of states outright banned the ninja sticks, including Arizona and even New York for a while. This means that not only is the mere existence of Michelangelo the ninja turtle a slap in the face of the natural laws of man, but he was also flagrantly disregarding New York state law. Huh, weird to think there was once a time in this country when movies could get a weapon banned, but now multiple school shootings every year somehow don't.

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