Jim Carrey And Mussolini's Granddaughter: The Twitter Feud

And now, an argument between two people whose names were seemingly picked out of a hat.
Jim Carrey And Mussolini's Granddaughter: The Twitter Feud

Over the past weekend, thousands of people were dragged into a Twitter argument between two people whose names were seemingly picked out of a hat. Jim Carrey, as in Ace Ventura, was in a fight with Alessandra Mussolini, as in the granddaughter of 20th century Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

These days, Carrey's Twitter account is almost exclusively made up of his psychedelic political cartoons, most of which are aimed at President Donald Trump -- which is another sentence that's quite bonkers. The drawing for Saturday, March 30 was Carrey's rendering of the actual images of Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara dead and hung upside-down in the Piazzale Loreto. It was his reminder of a fascist's ultimate fate. Alessandra Mussolini saw it and was pissed.

Jim Carrey @JimCarrey Mar 30 If you're wondering what fascism leads to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his mistress Claretta. sw 6.7K 7 24K 92K Alessan

So Mussolini spent the next several minutes tweeting pictures of Native Americans and nuclear bomb detonations at Carrey to remind him of atrocities America has committed. And then also a picture of Rosa Parks, for some reason. Carrey has not yet responded, though we can only hope his silence means he's working on a scathing watercolor rebuke.

Alessandra Mussolini @Ale Mussolini 1d Hi @JimCarrey do you know the history of #RosaPark? ROSA PARKS BUS STOP WHITES ONLY 2.1K t72 445 2.0K Alessandr
This is exactly like the time Bobcat Goldthwait got into a LinkedIn feud with Pol Pot's cousin-in-law.

So to sum it up, a guy who used to professionally make his ass talk did a sketch that reminded somebody about the time her famously mass-murdering fascist grandpa was hanged in a town square by his own citizens. The internet allowed for an absurd pairing like that to strike up an argument across oceans and continents, and it's, well, a thing that occurred.

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