The Cast of the New 'Star Wars' Show is Crazy AF

The good news for Star Wars fans is that there's a new TV show coming. The bad news is it isn't a sitcom about Kylo Ren and General Hux sharing a studio apartment. While we still know very little about the Jon-Favreau-helmed series The Mandalorian, Disney recently announced the cast. And wow, this roster reads like the internet's fever dream.

Lucasfilm/DisneySpoiler alert: The titular Mandalorian is three George Lucases sitting on each other's shoulders.

The eclectic lineup of acclaimed actors may seem like pop culture Mad Libs at its finest, but the choices might be more finely calculated you would assume. The title role belongs to Pedro Pascal from Narcos and Game Of Thrones, and the other cast members are similarly veterans of popular shows that have done well on streaming platforms. There's Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito, Supernatural's Emily Swallow, hell, even Carl Weathers was in Arrested Development. It's as if Disney is Danny Ocean, hand-picking an experienced team to hijack your viewership and ensure you don't leave the sofa to clean the Cheeto filth off your sweatpants.

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But then there are some ... oddities. For one, acclaimed German director Werner Herzog is in the show, presumably playing a character who hauls Jabba's desert skiff over a mountain. While Herzog is certainly an unusual choice for a Star Wars project, his involvement isn't exactly a surprise. For one thing, he's been popping up in baffling acting roles for a while now, from battling Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher to voicing an alien in Rick And Morty. Plus, Herzog recently blabbed that he was in "a big franchise film, about which I'm not supposed to say anything" -- leading audiences to surmise that he A) is in The Mandalorian and B) doesn't realize it's a TV show.

The cast also includes legend of grizzled-ness Nick Nolte, we're guessing as Salacious Crumb's estranged dad. Why Nolte? He's a great actor, and as Patton Oswalt once pointed out, he was almost cast as Han Solo, though even Nolte himself admitted that would have been "goofy."

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