On the face of it, the new Netflix show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina seems like something the Satanic Temple would love. After all, putting a fresh, friendly face on rituals and chanting is a sure(hell)fire way to attract tweens at a time when organized religion is as popular among them as, well, going to church.

Hans Memling
"Satan! He's the most lit bae of all!"

As it turns out, though, the Temple isn't happy with Sabrina. Why? Well, for the most boring and unsatanic reason possible: copyright infringement.

According to Lucien Graves, co-founder of the Satanic Temple, the makers of Sabrina stole a copyrighted statue design held by the Temple -- a depiction of Baphomet, a goat-like deity commonly associated with the Dark Lord. As proof of this allegation, Graves tweeted out a side-by-side comparison of their statue and the version that appears in Sabrina.

Before we can make any jokes about "damning" evidence, though, it is worth mentioning that the statue used in the show and the one copyrighted by the Temple are themselves both pretty similar to several 19th-century illustrations of Baphomet, which would make any legal action the maybe-equivalent of suing over a drawing of Santa. In any case, although Netflix has yet to issue a formal response to the allegations made by the Satanic Temple (a sentence we never thought we'd write), this isn't exactly new territory for them, given the three copyright disputes they've been embroiled in over Stranger Things.

Given this pattern, we'd maybe recommend that Netflix start running their spookiest scripts through a few more ... alright, a lot more copyright lawyers.

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