Here's The Weirdest (And Best) Anime You'll See All Year

Over the years, we here at Cracked have gone from ignorant gaijin who believed that anime peaked with Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back to sophisticated connoisseurs who can talk at length about both the trials and tribulations that come with being a hardcore fan and our favorite shows -- of which we've just found another.

Behold Skeleton Bookstore Clerk Honda-san.

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This is the tale of, you guessed it, a bookstore clerk named Honda who's also a spooky skeleton, for reasons. He's accompanied throughout his daily grind by a ensemble of equally wacky co-workers, and much like every retail employee ever, he also has to deal with a never-ending cavalcade of annoying customers. It's pretty much identical to Black Books, but with less Dylan Moran and even more tentacle porn.

Not a joke.DLE/Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda San Production CommitteeNot a joke.

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It's already started airing in Japan, but even if you can't understand Japanese, there's plenty to enjoy in terms of how good it looks and sounds -- and if that still doesn't appeal, you can probably get a minor kick out of how the opening and closing themes ("Inner Sound & Book's Narrative" and "Book-end, Happy-end," respectively) are some of the tightest book puns you'll ever witness.

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The only problem with the show is that no one appears to have told Japan that bookstores are officially cancelled, but they'll probably catch that mistake in the inevitable U.S. adaptation, Skeleton Kindle Tech Support Associate Roy From Santa Monica.

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