'My Annie Hall' Is The Only Fan Remake We Need Right Now

While a gaggle of Star Wars fans are still desperately trying to remake The Last Jedi (presumably starring the director's parents as Luke and Rey), one fan remake hasn't gotten nearly the attention it deserves. We are, of course, talking about the new 30-minute version of Annie Hall starring senior citizens. Think of it as a sort of neurotic Expendables. Since Christopher Plummer can only do so much at a time, the work of these old codgers allows you to enjoy the Oscar-winning comedy without having to actually look at Woody Allen at any point.

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Directed by artists Matt Starr and Ellie Sachs, My Annie Hall began in an "Interpretive Cinema" class at a New York seniors' center. Co-director Starr discovered that reciting classic movie lines proved to be a therapeutic tool in engaging with his grandmother, who suffers from early onset Alzheimer's. The class of seniors voted on which movie to remake, and eventually had to pick between Singin' In The Rain and Annie Hall. They opted for the one that wouldn't put anyone in the hospital.

With a crew of volunteers and over $10,000 in crowdfunding dough, the team set out to remake Annie Hall -- but, again, with old people. They even managed to film several scenes in the original locations Allen used, and the production was shadowed by a documentary crew.

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So far only a trailer has been released, but hopefully, the full movie will be available at some point. And hey, while we're going back and monkeying with the ages of Woody Allen characters, how about someone Kickstarting a version of Manhattan that's not about a 40-something man creeping on a minor.

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