Bad News! Crocs Aren't Going Out Of Business

Crocs are a bit like marmite, in that many people would sooner stick their feet in jars of spoiled yeast than in a Croc. But despite being objectively visually unappealing, the shoe brand still became popular for being cheap, comfortable, and easy to clean, making it a longtime favorite among parents who figured their kids would've gotten bullied anyway. So for a while, fans and critics were waiting to see if this ugly shoe empire could endure. And now we have an answer: The last official Croc factories are shutting down.

Wikimedia Commons The only shoe that makes socks with sandals look sexy and debonair.

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The announcement came as a shock to many -- though most were just surprised Crocs are actually crafted instead of being spawned out of that plastic trash vortex in the Pacific Ocean. While it's true that Crocs has suffered a steady decline over the last few years, in 2017, the company actually saw its sales on the rise again. It seems something about finding themselves in a hard and uncomfortable world is driving people back into the grip of these cozy monstrosities. And with the depressingly successful launch of the high-heeled Croc last July, it seems that the company was heading toward even greater success.

Crocs "Official shoe of the New Jersey club scene!"

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It must've come as a great blow to the Croc Nation then when the company announced last week that its CFO would stepping down and, even more alarmingly, its last manufacturing plants in Mexico and Italy would be closing down. Fans of Crocs immediately took to social media (after their kids explained turning on the computer to them) and panicked that this was the end for Crocs.

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While its final plant in Italy is set to be shut down later in the year, Crocs claims that this is actually to "increase our manufacturing capacity." From now on, Crocs will exclusively outsource production of their wearable mouse traps to third-party factories in places like China and Vietnam. In other words, Crocs is closing down Croc-making plants in order to make more Crocs. Hooray?

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