Reggae Black Panther's The Craziest Thing You'll See All Day

Here's T'Challa -- king of Wakanda and the legendary superhero Black Panther -- giving the royal business to a lucky member of the Dora Milaje.

So we should probably explain, huh?

This isn't, as one tweeter suggested, a scene from the movie that we all blanked out (or missed during a collective bathroom break). It's a snippet from last weekend's performance by dance hall artiste Spice at Reggae Sumfest '18. She took to the stage with a set partially themed after Black Panther, complete with costumes, thrones, and references to Wakanda. ("You see Black Panther inna movie and tonight you going to see him inna dance hall.")

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The only thing that was missing from her performance was a Martin Freeman impersonator getting relentlessly barked at, but we're willing to let that slide for giving us a glimpse of not only how the Black Panther makes love, but also how he throws up the Wakanda salute when he's finished.




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Do you hear that noise outside? That's the sound of thirsty nerds everywhere rushing to their local fancy dress store in order to sate their new favorite fetish. God bless you, Spice.

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