7 Backstage Photos That’ll Fill Your Heart With Insane Joy

These are troubling times, and it often feels as if our hearts are filled with the thin gruel of misery, the corrosive bile of hate, or even the tepid milk of acceptance. But recall an earlier era, a time when other things could fill our hearts. What if ... what if we learned to feel joy again? That's a big ask for this set of amusing behind-the-scenes pictures from famous movies, but dammit, they're sure going to try.


Honey, I Shrunk The Film Crew

Now, we'll have to double-check our history books, but we're reasonably sure computers hadn't been invented by the time they filmed the classic family movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. So they made really huge versions of small things and cavorted around those instead.

Walt Disney PicturesEach of those Cheerios weighs as much as a car. Not a good car, but still.

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Now compare those mammoth Cheerios to this shot of a crew member having a conversation with a cat-sized ant.

Walt Disney PicturesPeople wouldn't blink if you tried to sell an Oreo that size now.

Freddy Krueger Was the Best Part Of Working On Nightmare

On a well-run set for a horror movie, almost no one actually gets murdered. In fact, behind the scenes, the most intense horror film looks much like any other, with friends and colleagues hanging out and goofing off. Like so ...

New Line CinemaLike a love triangle, but even more people get hurt.

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And here's Freddy Krueger performing what was no doubt one of many regular dances to delight and amuse the crew.

New Line Cinema"I pop it, lock it, just stop to drop it."

Agent Smith's Cloning Goes Awry

Although the first movie is an undeniable classic, the later films in the Matrix series got a bit silly, what with all their plot twists, bizarre characters, and underground rave cities. Hey, how did Hugo Weaving, who played most of the Agent Smiths in the franchise, feel about this?

Warner Bros PicturesHe seems OK with it, but his friends are a bit less impressed.

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Hopefully he got to take those home with him, if only to leave out on the lawn around Halloween, or for carpooling and whatnot.

Stanley Kubrick Trolls Jack

Stanley Kubrick knew how to operate a camera, which is understating things a bit. That means this picture was not an accident.

Warner Bros PicturesAll work and no selfies make Stanley a dull boy.

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That's Kubrick and his daughter Vivian, taking what we would now call a bathroom selfie while using Jack Nicholson as a prop.

E.T. Versus The Giant

There's a scene in E.T. The Extra-terrestrial wherein E.T. (the extra-terrestrial) descends a hillside to the glowing lights of a city (terrestrial in nature) below. Rather than travelling to a distant world to capture an actual living alien on camera, the filmmakers composited this shot with miniatures and a matte painting. Which is disappointing, but understandable. (Kubrick would have gone to Mars.)

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But it did allow us to bring you this pretty amusing shot of E.T. and his real nemesis: the giant, domineering man who controls his every move.

Universal PicturesLater that day, E.T. would be made to kiss two Barbies and a G.I. Joe.

Game Of Thrones Cast Members Posing With Their Action Figures

Game Of Thrones features thrones, dragons, death, and very few games. So it's kind of a misnamed show and- oh, the death is the game! Oh cool, we just got that.

Anyways, it's dark, and basically everyone you care about dies. Which makes it kind of funny to see those characters grinning and holding up action figure versions of themselves. Here's Tywin Lannister with his beloved plastic children.

HBOEndearing, yet still terrifying.

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Alice Cooper Hanging Out With Colonel Sanders

But oh boy, you haven't seen "dissimilar people hanging out" until you've seen Alice Cooper hanging out with Colonel Sanders:

Sadly, this isn't proof of the existence of an amazing secret society; just a bizarre coincidence. Both were at the same hotel in Amsterdam in 1974, doing PR for their respective businesses (chicken, music), and they ran into each other long enough to have a chat about ...

... man what would these two talk about?

Killing chickens, we guess.

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