Scientists seem to constantly change their minds about what's good for you and what's bad for you. One week eggs are the most important part of a healthy breakfast; the next week they're artery-exploding death capsules. So we've taken it upon ourselves to keep up with the latest health news, and summarize it for you here.

The World Health Organization is adding GAMING DISORDER to their list of diseases. (And not because your combos are sick.) Gaming will be considered p

ACCORDING TO A NEW STUDY BY ASU Arizona State University THERE ARE NO MAJOR BENEFITS TO A GLUTEN-FREE DIET. Unless you suffer from celiac disease and

STUDIES SUGGEST THAT MORE PREGNANT WOMEN ARE USING MARIJUANA. The increase, which was greatest in women aged 24 or younger, seems to be linked to the

SCIENTISTS ARE NOW CLOSERTO SOLVING THE OPIOID PUZZLE. Researchers reported they were able to observe the kappa opioid receptor (a protein that dulls

Gluten? Bacon? What’s Good Or Bad For You Right Now

A NEW BACON WON'T GIVE YOU CANCER! Regular bacon is processed using nitrites and nitrates, which in certain conditions may form cancer-related molecul

AN EFFECTIVE PREVENTATIVE For MIGRAINES MAY BE AVAILABLE SOON. A drug called erenumab has been proven to greatly reduce the incidence of migraines wit

Surfing heaithy is (For your poop bugs.) British researchers swabbed the butts of nearly 300 people (it's science, OK?) and found that 9 percent of su

HOLY SH!T, PROFANITY CAN BENEFIT YOUR HEALTH! Studies show that swearing can release adrenaline... CENSORED which can build pain tolerance, relieve st

DOCTORS HAVE WARNED HOLDING IN A SNEEZE COULD BE DEADLLY British doctors made the advisement after a man was hospitalized for TEARING HIIS THROAT by p

EXPERTS HAVE CAUTIONED THAT PEOPLE COULD GET HERPES FROM WILD MONKEYS IN FLORIDA. Researchers said a rhesus macaque community in Silver Springs State

Source: CBS News

You know what's always going to be good for you no matter what? Listening to Africa by Toto.

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