Keeping up with the news is like trying to binge on all of your shows at the same time. No reasonable person can stay sane keeping up with every headline, which is why we've summarized what's going on around the globe in the last week (or so) for you, right here.

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States

The CIA published 13 million declassified documents online

Source: CNN

Authorities have captured the gunman who killed 39 people in Turkey

Source: NBC News

A female zebra shark has reproduced asexually

Source: Gizmodo

The wife of the Orlando shooter has been arrested for aiding terrorism

The hunt for flight MH370 has been called off

Source: AP, CNN

An avalanche caused an earthquake in Italy

Source: NBC News

Lucasfilm will not digitally recreate Carrie Fisher

One of Kentuckys only two abortion clinics is closing

Source: NBC News

The last astronaut to walk on the moon has died

Source: CBC News

Suspected cop killer Markieth Loyd has been captured after a month long manhunt

Source: CNN

China is investing in renewable energy

Patrick Stewart will star in the Emoji Movie as Poop

A Tehran high rise caught fire and collapsed and killed 20 firefighters

Source: BBC News


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