Look, we get it. Those Gilmore Girls aren't going to binge-watch themselves. Besides, even people who aren't spending every waking moment in Stars Hollow can't be expected to keep up with every headline while maintaining their sanity, so we have taken it upon ourselves to quickly summarize the most important and/or ridiculous news stories from the last week (or so).

Democratic Convention places Hillary Clinton in the lead

Source: ABC News

Production company pleads guilty in injuries to Harrison Ford caused by Millennium Falcon hydraulics

Lottery winner invests in crystal meth and firearms

Oprah will play Mrs. Which in A Wrinkle In Time

Source: UPI

Veteran cast members fired from Sesame Street

58 stung by stingrays in Coronado California

Skydiver jumps 25000 feet without a parachute

Source: AP, CNN, AOL

VH1 Classic relaunced as MTV Classic

Priest killed in knife attack in French church

Insecticides may be making honeybees infertile

Deadly attack in Japanese disabled facility

Source: CNN

Ice Bucket Challenge funding leads to ALS discovery

Source: ABC News

Suicide bombings in Kabul Afghanistan kill 80

Source: The Philadelphia Tribune, The Guardian


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