Heroes come in many forms. And some of those forms are delightfully subversive.

"If you're an introvert, you spend so much of your time wishing that other people would just shut the hell up that you figure you're doing everyone a favor. But for many people, you'd be better off telling them to fuck off, because at least then you're acknowledging that they matter."

5 Weird Realities Of Growing Up With 'Illegal' Parents

"Contrary to Mr. Trump's understanding, the parental justification behind our move was less "take their jobs, then poison their water supplies" and more "our village just had like 10 beheadings, and I would rather my kids not grow up in a drug-cartel-run environment."

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 1/31

"Also, contrary to what a lot of angry people seem to believe, undocumented immigrants are ineligible to collect government assistance."

"There are some people who are happy to do petty things to get back at those who wronged them, and then there are those who put a certain amount of finesse into it and make vengeance kind of awesome."

Creepiest 'Where Are They Now' Ever: The Power Rangers Curse

Appearing on Power Rangers seems like the first step in some kind of Final Destination scenario.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 1/31

"I hope your childhood is now as completely buttfucked as mine, because it at least makes me feel a bit better that I'm not going through this trauma alone."

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