Cats are just in charge of every goddamn thing now.

If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest

This video is too tasty to resist, and you can wolf the whole thing down RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

"Do you see this nugget? It starts as whipped up muscles of chickens and then we form it into a zigzag or some nonsense."

"Until LaVey, pentagrams were commonly used by Christians as a charm against witchcraft and demons."

6 Of The Weirdest Tiny Towns In The United States

When you're a convicted sex offender, it's tough to find a place where you can legally live. Then there's Miracle Village in Florida, where you pretty much have to be a sex offender to move in.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 7/12

"Imagine getting lost in the Florida sugarcanes and wandering into a town where there are few-to-zero children and just about everyone in sight has committed a sex crime. "

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 7/12

5 Real Places Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Fort Alexander was a Russian island lab where the corpses of plague-tinkering, animal-torturing mad scientists were burned on the spot. And now you can rent the place out for your next rave!

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 7/12

"At first, it was your normal run-of-the-mill military installation, until lack of use compelled Russia to into a plague research center, like one does -- when you're intentionally trying to taunt the universe into cursing you and everything you touch."

5 Awful Lessons Disney Teaches You About Relationships

Every single Disney princess is under 20. How many girls grew up thinking a truly beautiful princess should meet her soulmate while her age still starts with a "1"? But two-thirds of people who marry between 15 and 22 wind up divorcing, so the majority of these Disney marriages would be doomed.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 7/12

"If there's an unmarried woman over 30 in the cast of a Disney movie, you can more or less bet that she's the villain."

5 Real-Life Stories of Twins Creepier Than Any Horror Movie

Swedish twin sisters had no history of mental illness and lived normal, happy lives with their respective families. Then, one day, one traveled from the U.S. to Ireland to visit her sister ... and what followed was a spree of violence and shared madness that resulted in several traffic accidents, one murder victim, and a whole bunch of baffled cops.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week - 7/12

"If you feel bad for being creeped out by twins, let us share with you some true stories that range from merely weird to downright bone-chilling."

"The first family bottle-fed Josiah until he cut his teeth, at which point the badger would zip along White House floors, nipping and biting at the heels of passers-by."

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