5 Stupid Things Movies Believe About Hacking


Hollywood is so convinced that we're all Ritalin-popping babies that scenes where characters describe "password protection" have been replaced with cool guys wearing sunglasses pressing the keyboard fast.

4 U.S. Presidents Whose Lives Put Action Movies to Shame


Daniel O'Brien brags about his encyclopedic knowledge of presidents again. This time, we learn about the relative badassery of Grover Cleveland, JFK, Chester A. Arthur, and Herbert Hoover. We get it, Dan. You're, like, King President.

4 Plot Holes You Didn't Notice in Your Favorite Movies


Editor-in-Chief Jack O'Brien metaphorically farts in our childhood mouths by ruining all your favorite movies. Die Hard, Jack? Really? What's next, Upworthy Videos?

What happens next will make you cry forever ... which happens to be perfect, since Upworthy apparently is powered by our tears.

5 Jurassic Park Plot Holes With Horrifying Implications (After Hours)


Life finds a way ... to poke holes in the beloved blockbuster. Or wait, not life. Us. We did it. Sorry, everyone.

5 Reasons Groot Is the Greatest Hero of the 21st Century


We're actually pretty predictable as a species, and it's all thanks to our programming. Here's exactly why as soon as Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters the population couldn't contain its own Groot fever.

6 Scientific Findings That Prove Cats Are Evil


Everyone knows that Big Cat has the Internet in its pocket. So when Cody Johnston offhandedly mentioned that cats aren't great, a flame war occurred. On the Internet of all places. In a comments section.

11 Brilliant Clues Hidden in Famous Movies and TV Shows


The golden goose egg of Easter eggs. A compendium of tiny details in movies. I heard if you mention them at parties, people will like you. Good job, you!

The Top 15 Cracked Videos of 2014

The Dark Truth Behind the Most Famous Cartoon Company Ever


Conspiracy truther Michael Swaim discusses the origin of super-intelligent mice and other failed fringe-science experiments clearly done in the ACME labs.

5 Bizarrely Specific Ways Every Movie Trailer Looks the Same


Jack dissects recent movie trailers and finds that no one actually knows what they're doing in Hollywood. Apparently, we don't know what we want and they're making a fortune not knowing how to give it to us.

4 Simple Tasks That Are Way Easier Than They Look in Movies


Daniel once again proves that he is a normal human by showing us all the simple tasks he can accomplish. In his defense, however, people in movies are pretty terrible at them.

5 Gun Myths You Probably Believe (Thanks to Movies)


If you're like most of us, you may have shot a gun once or twice, but you typically stay away from things that can kill you. So, basically, the totality of ballistics knowledge you have comes from movies. This is a video that proves you're a dummy.

7 Horrifying Lessons Hidden in Famous Movies About Childhood (After Hours)


Apparently, '90s children's movies were hellbent on telling us that life is a ceaseless cavalcade of chaos and we should be more or less terrified of growing up.

4 Insane Behind-the-Scenes Details of a Movie Sex Scene


We used to roll our eyes at actors for taking themselves so seriously. Now we know that sometimes it's the most thankless job ever. Let them have the Oscars. You know what, let's just give them all the awards now. You deserve it, buddies.

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