Like to Make Stupid Photoshops? We Have Money for You

YOU. Stop what you're doing. We're about to offer you money for something that you almost certainly did not think you could get money for.

Ever spent an hour in Photoshop or MS Paint or GIMP altering a photo to make it stupider? To post on a message board or whatever, so your friends could laugh at it?

Did you get paid for your time? No? can fix that.

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We paid a dude $50 for the above image. We need stuff like this. All of it you can make, as long as it's good and as long as you actually made it. We pay by paypal and you can get your money within days. We are not a front for the mob.

This thread has details. There is no application process. You just start submitting stuff. If you don't like to click on links, allow us to explain.

Experts predict that within five years all human language will be replaced with humorous images and infographics. We here at are embracing this future wholeheartedly, and our community (that is, people like you) produce high-quality, non-lolcat Photoshops and infographics at an alarming rate. You've probably run into them elsewhere on the internet, and didn't know they came from here. We're talking Photoshops like this one:

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And infographics. Holy shit, the infographics. From the beautifully simple... the incredibly elaborate...

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...and everything in between:

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We need more of that sort of thing. We're willing to pay. If you have Photoshop skills or--get this--even if you have zero Photoshop skills and simply have funny ideas for images--you can get $50 for it if we feature on the front page of the site. Oh, and like half a million people will see your work.

There's no commitment, no screening process, you don't have to do a damned thing to get started. But it must be your own work--if you try to sell us something you found elsewhere, we'll find out and you'll be banned from ever doing anything with us ever again. We're looking to create here, not paste in other people's work.

Just go to this forum thread and you can be posting ridiculous shit in .jpeg form within seconds.

If you're more the text type, we're always looking for writers to write feature articles. Articles start at $50 and escalate from there (your fifth article gets you $150, and there are bonuses if your article is among the most popular for the month). The sign-up for that is here.

There are already thousands of you making comedy for us; exists purely because of people like you working with people like us. So take that time you spent Photoshopping away Zooey Deschanel's shirt, and spent it doing something that can make you sweet, sweet cash.

The links, one more time:

For people good at Photoshop or who have ideas for images;

For writers.

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