Top Picks 07.02.10: Real Life Computer Features and Japan


Some of the best stuff from around the web and the Mirth Canal.


7 Computer Features We Wish We Had in Real Life:

Just another day in Japan:

Call of Poverty: Cardboard Warfare II:

YouTube Hero Toiletdude7 Reviews Over 200 Different Commodes:

10 Best Cliffhangers on

The Movie Maven is on the hunt for Predators:

13 Retro Products That Failed To Catch On:

The 20 Best Viral Sports Videos on the Internet:

U-S-A! U-S-A!:

Cali Strip Clubs Barred From Cashing Welfare Checks:

What the ladies don't want to see you wearing:

25 Photos That Prove America Still Rules:

Meet the girls of the Israeli shores:

Ever wonder what menstruating feels like? Now you can experience it also:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Don't know what a body bag is? This is for all none of you.
Submitted by Palorbaer in the Mirth Canal.

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