5 of Michael Showalter's Funniest Moments

There's more bad news for fans of The State. In addition to refusing to release a DVD of the ground-breaking MTV sketch show, the folks at Viacom have been kind enough to take all of the skits down from YouTube. Luckily, Michael Showalter has been in enough hilarious stuff to fill out a top 20. Here are five of our favorite, non-State moments from his career.


Stella short: "Yoga"

The Stella guys are feeling down in the dumps. Michael Black is anxious, David can't sleep and Michael Showalter's back hurts when he contorts himself into a painful looking position. Luckily, they happen to be standing in front of a yoga studio. The "Yoga" sketch is a typically random journey involving all of the Stella staples: farting, stupid jokes and one piece bathing suits. While the troupe was a bit neutered in the toned down Comedy Central show, the sketches that appeared on the web are still classics.

Wet Hot American Summer A New Way Training Montage

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Coop (Showalter) desperately wants to win over Katie, so he gets Gene the cook to teach him his "New Way." But how can a movie that's only 97 minutes long show someone becoming cool and fit, as well as learning an entire life philosophy? If you said "montage," chances are you could be a movie producer.

Stella Live, "Perfect Summer Day"

The Stella guys imagine what their perfect summer day would look like. They cover all of the bases associated with lazy days: swinging in a hammock, wearing revealing clothing and having intercourse with relatives.

The Cast of Wet Hot American Summer Goes to Town

This montage of the camp counselors hanging out in the town of Waterville starts off wholesome enough, but soon devolves into something reminiscent of
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Requiem for a Dream. It's a hilarious send up of movie montages, and while Showalter isn't the only one who shines, he co-wrote the movie so he gets points for that too.

Stella short "Raking Leaves"

Somehow, the Stella guys got a job raking leaves, and they seem to be really excited about it. The catch: their employer is Satan. Highlights include Showalter fighting the demon and anything the Mother Nature character does. (Who is she and why isn't she in more short films about having sex with Satan?)
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