The Saturday Dogpile of Yuks/Parade of Comedic Lists

Here's the dish, people. We were thinking of doing a "Top 8 Most Ridiculous Labor Day Weekend Movie Moments" article, but we could only think of four examples and gave up. So we started "7 Worst Labor Day Weekend Movie Sex Scenes," but there were just too many to choose from, so it was scrapped as well. Sure, we have "9 Most Badass Labor Day Weekend Naked Fight Scenes" already written, but it's just so damn racist. Thus, no Labor Day Weekend-related article on Eh, who cares-in terms of holiday importance, Labor Day is a level below Tu B'Shevat (Jewish Arbor Day).

So, for the third week in a row, we're giving you this recap thingy that doesn't have a permanent title. Of the 175 reader suggestions we received, Cracked user Fermat's "cracked's comedy dream-journal" was the best, but not good enough for us to actually use.

Come on, people. We want to see some golden ideas in the comments. As encouragement, we've instigated a prize: Whoever thinks of the best title will win a two-martini date with CRACKED's ace humorist Clive Bannister ... in fabulous New York City! Details to be posted after the holiday.

6 Video Game Gimmicks That Went Away Too Soon (And 6 More That Need to Die)
Video-game staples of yesteryear, and the ones that we can't seem to lose.

Before They Were Famous: The 10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials
Thanks to YouTube archaeologists, we can watch young actors' seel shit.

The 8 Most Embarrassing Musical Performances by Non-Musicians
Ridiculously embarrassing? Awesomely watchable? How about both?

7 Great Men in History (And Why You Should Hate Them)
A few truths about history's heroes that were swept under the carpet over the years.

8 Celebrities Whose Obituaries CNN Has Probably Already Written
We pull back the coffin lid on a few celeb obits almost certainly written ahead of time.

The Pimp, By Those Aren't Muskets
An ace daddy uses his dame's keen gams to put the make on a mug.
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