CRACKED Photoshop Contest: Don Rickles Speaks!

We came across the cover of the old comedy CD "Don Rickles Speaks" a few weeks back and thought that it was probably the most perfect image for photoshopping that we'd ever seen.

See what we mean? However, we couldn't quite put our finger on what to do with it. That' where our readers came in.

We asked you to use your imagination--and your Adobe Suite--to do things to this image that would make it as hilarious as possible. The more embarrassing for Mr. Rickles, the better. Well friends, you knocked it out of the park! Without further ado, here are some of the funniest submissions you sent to us, as well as the winner of the "Don Rickles Speaks" photoshop contest.
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We liked this one because it really looks like Don Rickles could be doing sign language and singing. Sure enough, this photoshop wizard changed the words "don rickles speaks" to "don rickles sings and signs the alphabet."

Of course, if he' not signing and singing the alphabet, he could always be"¦

Ha! That' right, Don' saying 'bon apetite!' Clearly, some wanted to be a little more offensive.

Oh, diss! Another one of our readers decided to add an element of filth"¦


If you were willing to be a little edgy and put in the hours it took to manipulate Mr. Rickles's hand, you could make it look like he's trying to wrap his hand around"¦
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"¦the very difficult process of forming the gang sign for the street gang the "Bloods." Another creative reader made it look like Mr. Rickles was going down town"¦

"¦to a jazz club as a hip cat saying, "Hey, it' cool daddy-o!"

But of course, the real reason that this image is so perfect for photoshopping is the way that Mr. Rickles' hand lines up with his mouth. The arrangement suggests that Rickles has been caught doing something embarrassing that no one wants to get caught at like"¦

Whoops! I think the grape juice is supposed to go in your mouth! Or maybe his hand and mouth are that way because he' a sissy who likes to"¦
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"¦chearlead. Or maybe he' a total fruit and is putting the gayest thing you can possibly put in your mouth"¦

Why don't you play me a song on your flute pretty boy!?

But none of the runners-up could match up with our most popular submission, sent from over thirty readers.

What if instead of giving you the A-OK, you made it look like Don Rickles was putting a c**k in his mouth?

Um Don, I think you're supposed to cook the chicken first!
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