Lindsay Lohan One Visit Away From Free Rehab Stay

Hollywood - The leaders of Hollywood' top drug and alcohol rehab facilities are starting to worry that Lindsay Lohan may become the first person to ever take advantage of their "frequent rehab" reward card, which gives users a free week of treatment if they enter a participating clinic three times in one year.

"We started offering these things as a marketing gimmick to encourage people to visit one of our clinics when they need treatment," said Justin Marx, executive director of the Southern California Association of Rehabilation Facilities. "We never imagined somebody would actually get their card stamped three times in a year. But Lindsay is easily on track to do it and then we'd owe her a free week of rehab, which costs over $20,000."
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Lohan last week checked into the Promises treatment center just five months after she spent several weeks at the Wonderland rehabilitation center. Both are part of SCARF, meaning they have agreed to honor the group' "frequent rehab" loyalty card.

"When Lindsay presented her card for me to stamp and I saw she got her last one just five months ago, I got really worried," said Promises client relations manager Andrea Danelowich. "If she doesn't stay sober for the next six months, we'll have to give her an entire week for free. And you know she'll take it even if she doesn't need it just because she likes our spacious beds and the swim-up pharmacy in our pool."
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Friends of Lohan said they plan to encourage the actress to become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol before the end of the year in order to claim her "frequent rehab" reward card prize.

"Ever since Subway stopped accepting their 'sub club' reward card, Lindsay has been looking for a new program where she'll get free stuff for something she loves to buy," said a source close to the actress. "We all know she'll need rehab again soon anyway, so as a friend, I want to make sure starts drinking or snorting again this year so she can claim her free prize. It'll be like a Christmas present she got herself!"
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