Britney Spears announces plans to expose anus

Hollywood - Having already exposed her vagina and breasts to the public, Britney Spears announced yesterday that she will finally show her anus on June 26th. "Rather than accidentally expose this private part as she did the other two, Britney is taking control of how and when she displays her butthole to the world," said Spears' publicist Leslie Sloane.

Last year, the singer sparked a media storm after she was repeatedly photographed without any underwear. Earlier this month, she exposed her breasts to the paparazzi and the images were posted all over the Internet. Though her buttcheeks have also been photographed several times, her anus was always covered by underwear.
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"I wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to look at photos of my snuggle pups (breasts) and my fuzzy taco (vagina)," Spears wrote on her website. "But you've all been demanding more! more! more! and on June 26 I'm finally going to give it to you when I unveil my butthole to the world."

Soon after the message was posted, created a new section on its website titled "Britney Butt Watch 2007."
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"I think 2007 is going to be a big year for celebs to show their anuses," said entertainment media critic Roberta Elohssa. "Paris started the trend of celebs showing their cooch' and soon everybody was doing it. But this time Brit wants to be ahead of the curve and she has realized that people are tired of vaginas. They want to see assh*les."

Although Spears has announced a date for the anus flash, she has not said where it will happen.
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"I think it' going to be a chaotic day on June 26th as we'll all be out in force," said paparazzo Manny Jaija. "It won't be an easy shoot because the lighting in that part of the body is not great. We're not sure if she' going to do it quickly, or if she' going to drop a bunch of coins from her purse and pick them all up until we're satisfied."
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