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Making a good horror movie is like putting together a puzzle that, if you get every piece just right, paints a vivid picture of the viewer's painful disembowelment. Get just one piece out of whack, however -- say your final shot is of Jason Voorhees shambling away from an outhouse with a long trail of toilet paper stuck to his left boot -- and the whole thing falls apart. We scoured YouTube and found some short horror films that did everything damn nigh perfectly ... right up until they completely imploded at the last possible second.

Behind The Door

The scene opens with a visibly disturbed teenage boy frantically locking the door of his house. From snippets on a handheld radio, we learn that whatever's outside is after him, and has likely already gotten his little brother. Luckily (for the boy), the unnamed monster must be invited before it can come inside. Luckily (for the monster), it has the ability to change its voice. So, assuming the voice of the young man's already ingested little bro, it tries to trick its way inside.

It's a simple premise pulled off superbly. Harrison Dowling's performance as the kid who doesn't want to face the monster outside, but also doesn't want to give up hope that it might be his little brother, manages to ratchet up the tension to 'holding in a fart on a first date' levels.

"I knew I shouldn't have gotten double beans with that taco platter."

But It All Falls Apart When ...

Here's how the monster behind the door ultimately gets in:


"No takesies backsies!"

That's right: The villain used kindergarten wordplay to fool his prey. Judging by the embarrassed look on the monster's face when we finally see it, it knew it wasn't exactly its proudest moment, either.

"This is sadder than the time I took down that special ed bus."

The Faeries Of Blackheath Woods

A little girl in the early 20th century discovers a tiny skeleton during a family picnic, and decides to wander off into the forest to investigate. She soon discovers that faeries are real, and that they aren't nearly as cute as Peter Pan would have you believe.

On the technical side, this short is beautifully filmed, and features CGI that could put some summer blockbusters to shame. You start to think this is all going to be a lovely Disney romp, then writer/director Ciaran Foy gives you a swift kick right in wonderment lobe:

Ciaran Foy
"Eek! A movie prop!"

And again here:

Ciaran Foy
"Nose blood?! But I've barely done any coke today ..."

And finally here:

Ciaran Foy
That'll teach her for having a child's sense of wonder!

Then, after a gut-wrenching chase, the faeries finally catch up to the girl. As the swarm envelops her to -- eat her? Scratch her to death? We're not exactly certain, but whatever it is isn't going to involve either pixie dust or happy thoughts -- the camera pans away for an ominous shot of a tattered wooden sign reading "Blackheath Woods."

Fade to black.

But It All Falls Apart When ...

Wait, did we say "fade to black"? That was wishful thinking on our part. Instead, we get this:

Ciaran Foy
Faeries: Now with fourth wall-breaking action!

Imagine if Alien ended like this: Right as Ripley drifts off into stasis, an Xenomorph jumps into frame, clangs its creepy little second-mouth on the camera lens, then starts whimpering. Audiences would've laughed it right out of film history. Admittedly, we would've been spared Prometheus -- but at what cost?

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Door To Door

The short is the story of two burglars disguised as hipster Jehovah's Witnesses to find a house to, you know, burgle. After taking longer than the full runtime of most of the shorts on this list to establish that fairly simple setup, our two ne'er-do-wells split up -- one to the basement, one upstairs. Upstairs Hipster Witness discovers a book. Probably a good one. He liked it before it was cool.

Oh wait, no, it's this one:

Brian Haughey
"Some sort of cryptic message ..."

The creepiness of the situation escalates as shots of Upstairs Hipster Witness flipping through the increasingly disturbing journal are interspersed with Basement Hipster Witness discovering bloody corpses (and then swiftly becoming one himself).

Brian Haughey
"But what does it mean?"

Right around the time the pages devolve into nothing more than souvenirs of blood and hair, Upstairs Hipster Witness finally realizes that they've broken into the exact wrong house. Too late, Upstairs Hipster Witness!

Brian Haughey
"I got your good book right here!"

But It All Falls Apart When ...

This is the actual last shot of the movie, and it comes directly after the standoff seen above:

Brian Haughey
Just think about this the next time you complain about the ending of The Sopranos.

That's it. Twenty full seconds of a goofy-eyed cat clock, accompanied by a thump and a grunt. Ambiguity is an old movie standby, so presumably we're supposed to fill in the gaps. The director clearly wants us to fill in something awful, but it's just too goofy. Whatever the original intention was, it feels less like that and more like the camera guy was easily distractible and hey! Cat clock!


An attractive young woman, all alone in a big, empty house, fears that she's not ... wait for it ... alone. Candice Wilson's performance is enough to make you pause the movie and go flick on a lamp before you continue. The tension truly ramps up when a quick blur in the background reveals that there is undoubtedly someone inside this goddamn house:

Damaine Radcliff
"Or one of the crew members got lazy with the collapsible reflector." *coughSpencercough*

And that's immediately followed by a raspy-voiced phone call from the intruder and a short-breathed dash out to her car for safety.

But It All Falls Apart When ...

Hey, what do you know? The intruder is already in the car.

Damaine Radcliff
"Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about the lolz?"

Now, that might have been downright ghastly had 4chan and Anonymous not fully co-opted the Guy Fawkes mask already. But the simple fact of the matter is that the Guy Fawkes mask will never, ever be creepy. Well, not creepy in that way, anyway. Creepy in the 'just installed a webcam in your toilet' way, yes, but Jason Voorhees hockey mask creepy? No. Director Damaine Radcliff overlaid the credits of the film with a shot of our heroine receiving a post-mortem phone call from her boyfriend, whom our Anonymous killer is surely a much nicer guy than, of course.

Damaine Radcliff
And whom he doxxes in the post-credits scene.

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Forever Light

A woman awakens in the dead of night to find something terrifying her horse. That wasn't a euphemism -- there's literally something untoward happening in her stable. She gets up to investigate. And props to the film for featuring a female horror protagonist who isn't some irredeemably stupid sexpot running headlong towards a killer's blade (in her panties). This character knows what's up -- she grabs her galoshes before going outside to investigate. Oh, and also a hunting rifle.

But every good protagonist must have a weakness, and in her case it's that she succumbed to a moment of late-night naivete and bought one of those dumbass windup flashlights from an infomercial.

R.P. Adams
Aaaaand ... intimidation factor lost.

The "oh shit" moment comes when, on her second round of setting down her rifle to crank a dumbass clockwork flashlight, something snatches the gun away from behind her. She glances into the stable and sees something straight out of an acid flashback from Satan's Ren Faire:

R.P. Adams
"Turkey legs are one stable over."

But It All Falls Apart When ...

Just after pagan girl does that creepy eyes-turn-white thing and just before the credits roll, our protagonist reels around to see ... a beacon-eyed, spinning, pig-headed cultist. That ... sounds way creepier in text than it is on video.

R.P. Adams
"Oink oink, motherfu-"

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