5 People Who Became Unwitting Tourist Attractions

#2. The Carny Who Kept Performing From Beyond the Grave

via Silent Thrill

Cancetto Farmica was a musician for a traveling carnival until he was killed in a fight in North Carolina in 1911. Unfortunately, after Farmica's body was embalmed, it became clear that his family didn't have enough money to send his remains back home to Italy. So, the proprietor of the McDougald Funeral Home, where the body was located, decided to store the corpse in the most respectful way he could think of: by tying a rope around it and hanging it up on the wall. Eventually, the body dried out and naturally mummified. At this point McDougald, presumably wanting to see if only Egyptian mummies could curse their defilers, stuck the Italian's body in a display case and started charging folks to see it.

via Silent Thrill
With a loincloth, of course, because McDougald cared about the man's dignity.

Word spread, and in no time people from all over the world were stopping by just to gawk at the abused corpse of some random immigrant. This wasn't a pharaoh, a king, or even a celebrity -- this was just "some dude." We're not even completely sure what his name was: Various sources have called him "Concetto Farmica," "Forenzio Concippo," "Frezzo Consceppo," or "Formico Cansetto." Of course, this being turn-of-the-century America, casual racism triumphed over all, and most visitors just called him Spaghetti. No, seriously -- they really called him that. The fact that there isn't some sort of mysterious plague wiping out their descendants right now is perhaps the most definitive proof that the supernatural does not exist.

Spaghetti stayed on display for more than 60 years until the Funeral Directors Association decided to give Cancetto a proper burial. The McDougald heir put him in a bronze coffin and, for some reason, poured two tons of cement on it. Hey, we know we just proved that ghosts aren't real, but you treat a dude's body like that for six decades and you hedge your bets a little, you know?

JW Ocker
Stay dead, Spaghetti. Non-zombified carnies are scary enough.

#1. The Lovesick Airport Hobo

China Daily

Hiroshi Nohara landed in Mexico City's international airport in 2008, plopped his ass down in a chair, and refused to leave for the next four months.

Why? We wish we could tell you. When asked, he simply replied, "I have no reason." He was totally allowed to leave -- his visa let him roam free in Mexico for up to six months. He also had an open ticket letting him return to Tokyo at any time. Employees who got to speak with Nohara at length said that he'd been having "love problems," and if there's one thing we humans love, it's cynically exploiting the drama of strangers.

AFP/Getty Images
It was exactly like that Tom Hanks film, Apollo 13.

In a short time, Nohara became a local tourist draw. People came up to him to take pictures, have a chat, or buy him a hot meal. All this despite the fact that it's unlikely Nohara had showered once since settling at the airport.

Hmm, we wonder why he had all those "love problems" in the first place?

"Cool, now get one of us peeing on him. He won't mind!"

Nohara's fame as an international hobo of merit grew until a Japanese woman named Oyuki invited him to visit her in her Mexico City apartment. Nohara left the airport immediately and never went back, although we do want to point out that Oyuki already had a husband at the time, so there probably wasn't a happy ending for everybody. Then again, who knows? If Oyuki had two hands and her husband had an open mind ...

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