The 7 Most Hilarious Foreign Twists on Common Movie Clichés

#3. The Big Heist (With No Money and Spontaneous Musical Performances)

The Familiar Cliche:

A bunch of guys wearing masks and/or sunglasses pile out of a van carrying automatic weapons and bags with dollar signs on them and lay siege to a bank in the middle of the day. With the exception of Val Kilmer and the Joker, none of them live much longer afterward.

The Foreign Version:

The 2010 Swedish-language film Sound of Noise has a gang of ski-masked bandits burst into a bank with guns drawn, shouting people down to the floor and demanding cartloads of money. One of them then proceeds to run the cash through a shredder while the rest of the gang plays Stomp the Yard with rubber stamps, clacking keyboards, money counters and adding machines. It should be made clear that there's no political statement behind any of this -- they're literally just doing it because they like how it sounds.

The career of C+C Music Factory destroyed exactly the same amount of money.

This is because in Sound of Noise, the heist isn't being pulled by bank robbers at all -- they're a terrorist cell of rogue percussionists on a rhythm quest through the city, breaking into places and creating tasty beats by banging unconventional objects together.

At one point in the movie, they actually invade a hospital and drum defibrillator paddles on a patient in cardiac arrest.

"Play the beat to 'My Heart Will Go On'! The irony will revive him!"

#2. Destroying the Mothership (With the Power of Rock and Roll)

The Familiar Cliche:

You remember the scene in Star Wars where Luke sends a missile down the exhaust port of the Death Star and blows the whole thing into space dust? Yeah, us too. You may also remember the almost exact same thing from Independence Day.

The Foreign Version:

1999's Wild Zero was Japan's take on this iconic movie moment. In it, a fleet of spaceships loaded with zombies has come to our planet, and it falls to a Japanese greaser named Guitar Wolf to save the Earth from certain annihilation. Fortunately for Earth, Guitar Wolf has complete mastery over the power of rock and roll, which he demonstrates every chance he gets.

Eighty-three percent of motorcycle rides in Japan end like this.

At the end of the movie, Guitar Wolf uses his awesome power in quick succession to electrocute his creepy evil band manager, teleport to the roof of a skyscraper and shred a bitching guitar solo. This focuses his abilities into a glowing purple light saber that he uses to bisect the alien mothership as it flies overhead. It explodes, killing all of the zombies under its control and saving the human race.

Incidentally, the Wild Zero drinking game is a faster path to suicide than a .45 to the temple.

Instead of fucking about with pseudoscience, mystical religions, narrow escapes and heroic sacrifices, Wild Zero just shouts "ROCK AND ROLL" at the top of its lungs and destroys all the bad guys with situationally existent magic loosely related to a musical instrument. And to be honest, the Rebel Alliance would've been way more awesome if it had been led by a Japanese man named Guitar Wolf.

#1. The Zombie Apocalypse (With a Giant Mega-Zombie Cluster)

The Familiar Cliche:

Zombies take over the world, and our heroes must learn to survive amid the chaotic remains of society in any way they can.

The Foreign Version:

The Japanese movie Helldriver from 2011 introduces us to a world where an alien starfish has filled Japan with exploding zombies, causing the government to build a huge wall sectioning them off from the uninfected. They then recruit a fierce warrior named Kika to assassinate her mother, the zombie queen (who is being controlled by the starfish, of course). They outfit Kika with a chainsword and some cybernetic attachments (complete with inexplicable tubing) and toss her over the wall to cleave through the flesh-eating masses.

"I'd kill for a purple rock-and-roll-powered light saber right now."

After defeating a zombie made of swords (with a truck also made of swords) ...

... and a multi-limbed zombie armed with half a dozen guns and disturbing nudity ...

... Kika finds her mother, who has fashioned herself a skyscraper-sized battlemech of writhing undead corpses. The Japanese government, under the command of Japanese Hitler, launches orbital missiles at it, but the zombie-mech grabs them and uses them to fly into the upper atmosphere, rearranging its feet-bodies into a more aerodynamic tailfin shape.

"Hey, make sure we address the aerodynamics issue. We don't want people questioning the realism of this."

Kika leaps onto the meat robot as it takes off and manages to climb all the way to the top as it screams toward space. She then beats her mother to death and rips her heart out while screaming "Give my pudding back!" for some unfathomable reason, at which point everything in the movie explodes.

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