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The 10 Best Moments from RENO 911!

SEASON 1 As Deputy Clementine Johnson (Wendi McLendon-Covey, who we interview today) puts an audibly slurring drunk through the standard sobriety tests, it becomes increasingly clear that the suspect is the type of drunk we all think we are: one who gets more lucid, instead of more impaired, with each drink. He rattles off the alphabet backwards quicker than any non MENSA member could say it forwards, turns a simple line walk into a Zoolander-worthy strut and executes a dance move called the "barrel roll" with accuracy that'd tear most men's crotch, before admitting that he normally can't dance-he's "just drunk."

SEASON 1 In one of their daily meetings, Lt. Jim "Short Pants" Dangle (Thomas Lennon) reviews acceptable language with his team of top-notch law enforcement officers. A conversation about the appropriateness of the N-word starts off relatively civilized: Garcia notes that he watches "the BET," and that "them fellas use it all the time," and Jones (Cedric Yarborough) inquires, "I don't use it, but if I wanted to, could I?" So far, so good. Chiming in on the discussion, Trudy (Kerri Kenney) innocently asks, "What if someone says, 'Which ni**er took the last donut?'" Umm… Lt. Dangle? "That's wildly inappropriate."

SEASON 4 The highly underrated Paul Rudd, who worked with State alums on Wet Hot American summer, is back with a hilarious cameo as Guy, Trudy's Lamaze teacher. This clip is pretty standard Reno fair up until Rudd shows up, at which point things jump up a notch or two. We've always respected how Reno handles its cameos. Instead of going for star wattage (Tonight on Will and Grace, Britney Spears!) they go with the novel approach of using people who are actually funny. This scene shows exactly why that's a good idea.

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