The 7 Most Underrated Movie Henchmen

#4. Archibald Cunningham from Rob Roy (1995)

Tim Roth was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of the repellent villain Archibald Cunningham in Rob Roy, and he at least clearly deserved it, because anyone who actually saw the film (at least a dozen people) wanted to physically choke the life from him after watching it.

Tasked with tracking down the rebel highlander Rob Roy, the lethal dandy Cunningham proves to be a ruthless and formidable foe. By the time this raping, stealing, murdering, wig-wearing aristocratic psychopath finally crosses swords with Liam Neeson's Roy, you've never wanted to see a movie character die more (the lone possible exception being Chris Tucker in Rush Hour).

Fortunately, the ending doesn't disappoint. After employing a rope-a-dope maneuver, Rob-Roy grabs Cunningham's sword with his bare hand (manly!) and hacks his dandy little torso in two, which 9 out of 10 doctors confirm is a hard one to bounce back from.

#3. That Tough German Dude in the Truck Scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Man, you almost wanted this guy to win. Sure, he was a Ratzi bastard, but you've gotta admire the spirit he displays during the kick-ass truck fight scene in Raiders.

After hijacking a truck carrying the Ark of the Covenant and a squad of German soldiers, Indiana Jones manages to scrape most of the squad off the truck. Unfortunately for Indy, That Tough German Dude's parents didn't give him that name just so he could be tossed off a truck by some ludicrously named archeologist. That Tough German Dude crawls up on top of the speeding truck, loses his hat, and jumps through the driver's window. He kicks Indy in the face, takes control of the truck, starts pounding on Indy's wounded arm, throws Indy's ass through the windshield, then speeds the truck up in an attempt to smash Indy against the car in front of them (all standard maneuvers taught in Nazi driver's ed).

Of course, (SPOILER ALERT!) Indy eventually kills his Nazi ass-but hey, That Tough German Dude lasts a hell of a lot longer than everybody else. (We hope somebody wrote a nice note to his family.)

#2. Colonel Tavington from The Patriot (2000)

In The Patriot, Jason Isaacs plays Col. William Tavington, the sneering commander of a group of British dragoons during the Revolutionary War. Tavington and his crew gallop around torching rebel houses, shooting kids, and sneering villainously whilst looking handsomely dapper in their neatly pressed uniforms. He does the dirty work for Gen. Cornwallis and is generally a psychotic war criminal son of a bitch. Oh, and have we mentioned the sneering?

Of course, Col. Tavington is on a collision course with Mel Gibson's equally crazy guerilla fighter, Benjamin Martin. The two maniacs finally go hand-to-hand on Danny Glover's front lawn-er, a battlefield, in a frenzy of hatchets and ponytails. Everyone else sympathetically gives them the space to work out their issues. (Hey, it was the 18th century.)

Granted, Col. Tavington is sort of a one-dimensional character, but Jason Isaacs plays him with a reptilian charm. And, after he's killed nearly everyone even remotely related to Mel Gibson, you really want to see this bastard get the axe, if only to wipe that smug goddamn look off his face.

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