We're fresh off 'Green Book' achieving its dream Oscar night (CONGRATULATIONS you made-up Hero Dad Story you!!!). But this week's episode is about EVERY Oscars ceremony. Why? Because the Oscars dictate most of your movie-watching year: October-December = "good movies", January-February = "failed attempts at good movies", summertime = "movies seeking the big green Oscar better known as MONEY." So we asked ourselves a question. We asked what might happen if the Oscars stopped dictating that schedule? And what if they stopped dictating it because the Oscars stopped happening at all, freeing up all of pop culture to function differently (and maybe function better)?

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, please enjoy the oracular brilliance and Hollywood wisdom of comedians/podcasters Caitlin Gill, Dan Hopper, Amy Nicholson, and Danielle Radford, who joined Alex Schmidt for this LIVE episode from the UCB Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles. They'll dig into the biggest possible pop culture thought experiment: what would happen if the Oscars went away.


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