Happy New Year (And Thank You!) From The Cracked Podcast


Enormous gratitude this week! New episode next week. And in the meantime, here are some of our recent favorite episodes of the show.

Also did you know we're going on tour in 2019? It's true! See us LIVE in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday April 11th and in St. Paul, Minnesota on Friday April 12th.

A few recent fun episodes:

"12 Pop Culture Franchises That Went Insanely Off The Rails" with guests Kristi Harrison & Cyriaque Lamar

"Why Everyone Is Wrong About Violent Video Games & Your Brain" with guest David Wong

"LeVar Burton On Reading & Sci-Fi & Where We're Headed Next"

"Theories And Head Canons That Make Movies 1000x Better" with guest Guy Branum

"15 Emmy Awards We Wish Existed" with guests Demi Adejuyigbe, Haley Mancini, and Dana Gould

"11 Historical Facts That Were Way Too Stupid For The Movies" with guest Dan Hopper

"How One Forgotten War Created Modern America" with guest Stephen Kinzer

"13 Badass Astronaut & Cosmonaut Stories Everyone Should Hear" with guest Soren Bowie

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