15 Emmy Awards We Wish Existed

We oughta be celebrating TV's
15 Emmy Awards We Wish Existed

Television: it's the most important art form that's ever been shot with a gun by Elvis. And don't let that jokey reference to a real thing (seriously -- check the footNOTES) distract you from our current Golden Age Of Television. We have more shows, and more great shows, than ever before. But has the system for rewarding those shows kept pace? Do we have the right set of Emmy Awards for celebrating TV's new best stuff? And if a panel of comedians put their mind to it, could we get a new set of awards that are the silliness America needs right now?

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is LIVE at UCB Sunset with an all-star panel of comedians & TV writing pros. Join Demi Adejuyigbe (The Late Late Show, The Good Place), Haley Mancini (The Powerpuff Girls), and Dana Gould (Stan Against Evil, The Simpsons) for a celebration of everything TV can be...and everything funny about TV that The Official Emmys are too staid to have a laugh about.


Why Elvis shot this TV, and other photos from the new Graceland entertainment complex (PBS News Hour)

He's Pickle Rick, and he just won a goddamn Emmy (The AV Club)

Emmy Awards won by Dan Harmon (IMDb)

Juried Animation Winners Announced For 70th Emmy Awards (Cartoon Brew)

Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell Guesting on 'Madam Secretary' Season 5 Premiere (Madam Secretary)

Will new tax credits, Hollywood changes boost Georgia film spending? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Spider-Man and Elsa Videos (Know Your Meme)

Chef Boyardee Can In Lava (YouTube)

Comedian Demi Adejuyigbe raised $17,820 for charity through his Earth, Wind & Fire meme (The Verge)

Prom Queen web series (Amazon Prime Video)

Stan Against Evil Season 3 Premiere Date & Guest Stars (Vulture)

http://jeopardy.com/watch -- see Alex Schmidt on Jeopardy! on Monday October 8th, 2018.

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