12 Movie And TV Jokes You'll Miss If You Only Speak English

Ju ur.

We've all gotten pretty jaded, so it's understandable if you think movies and shows are just painfully unfunny. But with the help of Andrea Meno, we're here to demonstrate that cleverness is alive and well. It's just gotten so clever, it's now hiding itself in foreign language jokes literally right in front of our faces.

For example:

Gravity Falls' Latin gibberish contains scathing pop culture criticism. The fake Latin incantation Dipper uses to enter Stan's mind includes the phras

Jeremy Jamm's wall decor reflects his level of appreciation of Chinese culture. -HH In Parks and Rec, Jeremy Jamm's Chinese poster says North Korea

Apparently, Godzilla ravaged the world of Jurassic Park. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, there's a shot of terrified Japanese businessmen running fr

The background graffiti in Homeland's fifth season is a metaphorical middle finger. #blacklivesmatter Homeland is racist Ct A group of Arab street art

12 Movie And TV Jokes You'll Miss If You Only Speak English

CRACKED.COM For restaurant names, Frasier used absurd French nonsense. For example, there's Le Cigare Volant or 4The Flying Cigar... ...4Couer du S

Liz Lemon's favorite cheese snacks in 30 Rock have the saddest flavor in the world. RI DOPV SABOR 30F SOLE Their name is Sabor de Soledad, or in Spa

In Wonder Woman, Diana's response to Chief's introduction is really underwhelming. When he shakes Diana's hand, Chief tells her in the Blackfoot langu

A Rugrats Chanukah snuck in an adult joke for anyone who knows Hebrew. RE OUT RATE The sign on this storefront says mohel. A mohel is a Jewish circu

12 Movie And TV Jokes You'll Miss If You Only Speak English

Rick and Morty really, really rubbed it in for Jerry in Season 3. 55 Not only does the wind whisper loser when he's around, but spineless, insecure

4Your father smelled of elderberries is an insult spoken in Game of Thrones. In Season 4, the champion that Meereen sends out to challenge Dany's cha
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