21 Money Saving Tips (That Work)


Times can be tough. We’ve all been through periods where we’ve had to tighten our belts. When these times come, we all know it's difficult to find methods that can save money. You may strive to spend very little and do your best, but it seems like another bill always pops up. The car needs new tires, your tween needs braces, the house needs to get a new ceiling. Saving money quickly falls to the wayside. Does this ring a bell? Don’t make us reference Up! and get all misty eyed on ya’.

The reality is that you don't have to wait for things to fall into place until you put some money aside. Spoiler warning: If you wait for the "correct time" to arrive, it will never arrive. Now is the perfect time to begin saving.

Whether it's the Christmas season or not, which means you've probably had nothing but lint in your pockets after purchasing toilet paper rolls made out of $100 bills for your loved ones. To help you with your financial difficulties, we invited our readers to share their best money-saving techniques, and the winner received $200...

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