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Happy Valentine's Day. As a public service, we asked our readers to rack their brains and come up with the worst, weirdest, most ineffective pickup lines they've ever had to endure. Do not, repeat, do not try these.

Entry by Sonny Time

In a bar, I overheard a guy say, I'm conducting a survey. Can you help me with that? Sar Sunsy Okay, I guess, a woman replied. He asked, On a sca

Entry by Sonny Time

If I give you money, will you pretend to be my girlfriend? A friend of mine used that line back in college. CRACKED COM

Entry by deathpod

Wow, your face is really symmetrical. Thanks, awkward guy.

Entry by schmidthead

I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood at a Halloween party when some jackass approached me and said, 8dodb Can T put some goodies in your basket?o

Entry by DilipG

We were in a bar when a guy approached my friend and said, I would hide all the chairs in the world, just SO you would have to sit on my face.

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