The 25 Worst Pickup Lines You've Ever Heard

The 25 Worst Pickup Lines You've Ever Heard

Happy Valentine's Day. As a public service, we asked our readers to rack their brains and come up with the worst, weirdest, most ineffective pickup lines they've ever had to endure. Do not, repeat, do not try these.

Entry by gimsa

I received a text from a strange number that read, 'l have been watching you and I think you look like an angel when you sleep. I found this to be ve

Entry by denzity007

My iriend lapproached a girl, pointed at me and he said this to her: IS that guy bothering you? NO? Would you mind il 1 bothered you then; CRACKED C

Entry by Kevin King

Back in high school, my friend was talking to a girl he had a crush on. When a certain Holocaust movie came up, he had the bright idea to say: You ca
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