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Between social media and advance screenings, it's getting harder and harder to avoid movie spoilers. But even if you manage to escape all that, your movie experience might still be spoiled ... by the studio itself.

(Special thanks to Amomaxia, for his help with research.)

10 Times Studios Spoiled Their Own Movies

The original poster for Carrie (1976) gave away the prom scene. IF YOUI'VE GOT ATASTE FOR TERROR... SPOILER TAKE CARRIE TO THE PROM. ALERT! CARRIE ant

10 Times Studios Spoiled Their Own Movies

The Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailers spoiled a huge character reveal. SPOILER ALERT! The trailers show Colin Firth's Harry Hart, who seemingly die

The Lego Movie merchandise spoiled the mystery of The Kragle. SPOILER ALERT! EGD LEGO Mouie mnlediadtes 8-14 0809 crs The film's delightful twist wa

The action figure for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm spoiled the identity of the villain. Phantasm MASK OF THE PHANTAST BATmAn 1F BOISRTI S11 acag A Rct

The trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows- Part II spoiled Remus Lupin's death. SPOILER ALERT! During a scene in the trailer, Harry is surr

10 Times Studios Spoiled Their Own Movies

10 Times Studios Spoiled Their Own Movies

The official score of The Sixth Sense spoiled the big twist. 1. MAIN TITI SPOILER 2. VINCENT 3. SHOOT MAI 4. RUN To TH 5. DE PROFUN ALERT! 6. LOOK AT

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