13 Bizarre Ways Actors Get Into Character

We'd say actors are weird, but there's a reason they're super rich and we write fart jokes on the internet.
13 Bizarre Ways Actors Get Into Character

We're all familiar with how crazy Daniel Day-Lewis was about getting into character (if you aren't, spoiler alert: super crazy). But he's not the only actor to act a little nuts when prepping for a role.

And, sometimes, people acted a little more bizarre. For example ...

Kevin Bacon Went Back To High School For Footloose. MUsICBAND Bacon Bacon's second high school experience, this time at 23, turned out to be exactly l
Vin Diesel Has A Special Groot Script For Guardians Of The Galaxy. OF GUARDIANS GALAXY THE by Written Gunn James Diesel Despite his character only eve
13 Bizarre Ways Actors Get Into Character
Mandy Patinkin Manhandled Some Poor Sap's Heart For Chicago Hope. PLEASE TOUCH PatiNkin Several Hope actors attended actual heart transplants to prepa
Charlie Cox Lived In A Blindfold For A While To Prepare For Daredevil. COX Cox felt it was important to truly experience life as a blind man. He wore
Michael C. Hall Stalked Random Strangers For Dexter. Hall Hall wanted to get into the mindset of a serial killer - minus the blood - so he randomly fo
Jason Momoa Became A Total Dude Bro For Conan The Barbarian. CARU CARLINS MOMOa Momoa figured the best way to prepare himself to play a barbarian (whi
Andy Serkis Studied Gorillas To Become One With King Kong. SeRkis Hollywood calls Andy Serkis when they need someone to be, not act. With that comes a
Cara Delevingne Spent A Lot OfTime Naked To Get Ready For Suicide Squad. Delevingne Delevingne stripped to her birthday suit and howled at a full moon
13 Bizarre Ways Actors Get Into Character
Sam Jackson Recreated Nick Fury's Eye Patch For Captain America. Jackson Once he slipped off Nick Fury's iconic face gear, Jackson found himself unabl
Jim Parsons Obsessively Writes And Types His Big Bang Theory Lines. BAZINGA! BAZINGA! BAZINGA! SAMSUNE Parsons Parsons claims his preparations for the
Johnny Depp Workshopped Characters With His Daughter's Barbies. DEPP Depp would practice his weird character accents for roles like Willy Wonka and Ja
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