Dirty Little Secrets Hiding In Famous Companies' Past

Murder, drugs, and thievery -- just a little of what's hiding in the history of famous household brands.
Dirty Little Secrets Hiding In Famous Companies' Past

Open up your pantry or medicine cabinet or children's toy bin, and you'll see instantly recognizable brands that found their way into your home by murder, drugs, and thievery.

Allow us to explain ...

LEGO is one of the biggest toy lines in the world. 114 3 SELF-LOCEING BRICKS BILDING Kiddicraft HILARY PACE SET But they stole the linking bricks idea
Bayer once sold heroin as a cold and pain medicine. BAYER \l EARBENFABRIKEN Vr FRIEDR.BAYER ELBERFELD: Heroin Name gesettunge Nom depose And they're h
You might have heard of Monsanto's most successful product. NSAMTO It's Agent Orange. During the 20th century, Monsanto was an herbicide manufacturer,
Play-Doh was invented to clean wallpaper. Kutol WALL CLEANER Nan. Crusmbly Type TOR WALPAPEREID TLAT PAINTED WALLS Then vinyl wallpaper was invented.
The WD in WD-40 stands for water displacement. WD-40 WD-40 MULTIEUSE WD-40 PRDuCT WD-40 Industrial Stops Squ BIC Removes & Pr Loosens Rusted Frees Sti
Fanta was invented in WWIL Germany. COFINE 100t Ranta ORANGE And it was made of dregs and desperation. When the U.S. and Germany became enemies, Coca-
NASCAR has always been about fast drivers. HLINARSCAR But they used to be bootleggers. Prohibition-era crime lords needed fast drivers to transport th
Oneida Silver was founded in the 1800s. It was created to support a sex cult. A commune based in Oneida, New York believed in bliss through orgies. To
Zildjian cymbals have been around for 400 years. ASINASH Aoesis ilbjian And they were first used as weapons. Avedis Zildjian I was an alchemist, and t
Oreo is the word everyone uses for sandwich cookie. But they stole their idea from Hydrox. Yep, Hydrox - viewed these days as a cheap Oreo knockoff -
VW Beetles first appeared in the 1940s. They were Adolf Hitler's idea. Strangely, the quintessential hippie-mobile was dreamed up by Hitler. who wante
Astroglide lube started as a space shuttle coolant. United States LIQUID arsoaal Lubekcant & Vaalosal Melstralrer AE 4nit And that's how it got its na

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