22 Ordinary Things That You Didn't Know Mess With Your Head

Insanity is literally moments away from happening.
22 Ordinary Things That You Didn't Know Mess With Your Head

When it comes to film and television, people seem to lose their minds over the smallest things. Sometimes it's played for laughs, and sometimes it's meant to be serious -- although often times that can wreck our suspension of disbelief. After all, how can such trivial shit really drive people insane? Well, guess what? It happens -- insanity is literally breathing down your neck in ways you haven't imagined possible.

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.)

coffee helps keep you sharp, right? It actually makes you more likely to hallucinate. In an Australian study, participants sat for three minutes and l
Fish is such a healthy food. Unless you're talking about mental health. Eating fish and other seafood has been linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and
Is your partner pregnant? Watch out. Your brain could decide it's contagious. UK researchers found that men with pregnant wives can experience pseudoc
Spanking seems cruel, but kids get over it, right? It actually permanently damages the brain. According to research done by the University of New Hamp
Air travel sure makes life easy. Except for the jet lag, which damages your brain. Seriously. The more often you are jet-lagged, the more your brain s
A mother's age is important to her baby's health. And a father's age is important to his baby's mental health. Men who are older at the time of concep
Thinking of visiting Jerusalem? It might snap your brain into thinking you're a prophet. The British Journal of Psychiatry conducted a large study on
Eventually you have to let your baby cry it out... If you want them to have brain damage. Rather than teaching them to be more independent, parents wh
You'd think babies born in big cities would be healthien. Not when it comes to mental health. Specifically, children born in large cities are nearly t
Margarine is healthier than butter, right? Not if you want to avoid fits of rage. Margarine contains dietary trans fatty acids, which directly affect
Cats are great for mental health, right? Their litterboxes can give you brain damage. Cat crap can contain a single-celled parasite called Toxoplasma
Having the flu is xhausting and annoying. And it can cause bipolar disorder in unborn babies. The National Institutes of Health found that mothers who
Think that meat makes you mean? Red meat actually makes men nicer. Scientists performed a study where they had men dole out punishment to others. The
Feeling guilty about masturbation? Your hand could gO numb. In Victorian times, women used to report glove paralysis, where one hand would stop work
You might think immigrants are lucky to be here ONGA But living here might be ruining their minds. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University found that i
Losing weight can improve your mental state. is 09 69 2 8S 18 sa 121 C2I But not if you take appetite suppressants. Diet pills have actually been show
Looking forward to your partner's retirement? It might drive you crazy. Literally. The Japanese call it Shujin Zaitaku Sutoresu (Retired Husband Syndr
Think birth month has nothing to do with personality? 3 2 FE RUARY 12 13 14 15 9 10 10 8 9 19 2 5 6 16 17 UARY 15 26 12 13 8 23 S 6 14 15 16 19 30 30
You know that sweets are bad for your body. They're also bad for your brain. Fatty foods and sweets load your body with sO much insulin that your brai
Living high in the mountains makes you blissful, right? It might actually make you suicidal. Out of the 10 states in the U.S. with the highest suicide
Nothing's cheerier than sunshine Unless you've got summer seasonal affective disorder. Granted, it only affects 1 percent of the population, but it hi
AIl the smart people move to the big city, right? They won't stay smart for long. Researchers conducted an experiment that required half of its subjec

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