23 Insane Surgeries You Won't Believe Actually Happened

They don't teach the cure for human stupidity in medical school.
23 Insane Surgeries You Won't Believe Actually Happened

We all hear those crazy urban legends about doctors removing spider eggs from a dude's butt or pumping $100 in quarters from a kid's stomach. We dismiss them as scary nonsense, but it turns out that some of those stories are definitely real.

With the help of black market doctor AuntieMeme, we present you to the scary, the bizarre, and the simply goofy medical stories that are 100 percent true.

A Colorado man went to the doctor camplaining of tooth pain and blurred vision. Turns out he'd shot a nail into his skull with a nail gun, and didn't
3.0 62 82 1 In 2008, 2 a 72-year-old man 216 complaining of 3 2 abdominal pain 4 following surgery have OT turned 5 out to a 10-inch surgical 6 retrac
3F 11 A S2-year- old woman from the Netherlands swallowed 18 forks and spoons. mmeimmmin Then went to the hospital because her stomach hurt. A ll RLLI
A NEW YORK HOSPITAL NEARLY HARVESTED THE ORGANS FROM A WOMAN WHO WASN'T DEAD. 41-year-old Colleen Burns had taken an overdose of prescription meds. Wh
A SICK WOMAN Her name was Gloria GAVE Ramirez, and she was in the advanced stages OFF of cervical cancer. TOXIC Emergency room nurses noticed a FUMES
23 Insane Surgeries You Won't Believe Actually Happened
When a man in lreland lost his thumb, doctors transplanted one of his big toes in its place. James Byrne, 29, had accidentally severed his left thumb
A man suffering from blinding headaches was found to have d pencil lodged in his brain. Pictured: The pencil. Thelongest piece was 3/inches. The man,
A 66-year-old Chinese man experiencing abdominal pain was found to have an ovarian cyst. Turns out he was a woman with ambiguous genitals. After they
Doctors found over 30 magnets and steel balls inside the body of an eight-year-old Indiana girl. The girl had swallowed a set of steel balls and magne
A man who suffered from coughing fits and lung infections for two years was found to have inhaled hunk of a a plastic spoon. Doctors removed a one-inc
Doctors gave a 5-year-old boy HORNS SO they could remove his birthmark. Doctors added the inflatable implants to grow new skin that could be used to r
DOCTORS GREW A MAN A REPLACEMENT JAW ON hIS BACK. The man had lost part of his jaw to cancer, and was unable to eat solid foods. Doctors used 3D model
Doctors grafted a little girl's severed hand to her foot, where it survived for three months. Ming Li, 9, was in an accident that crushed her arm and
An Indian woman experienced 6 months of coughing and fever before doctors stuck a camera down her throat and found a tattered condom lodged in her lun
An 18-year-old from Kyrgyzstan ate so much hair, she couldn't eat or drink. Doctors cut her open and extracted a 9-lb bezoar from her stomach. Accordi
AN INDIAN FARMER CARRIED HIS UNBORN TWIN INSIDE HIS BODY FOR 36 YEARS. Sanju Bhagat's belly had always been large, but when it became so swollen that
A 20-year-old man went to the ER complaining of intestinal pain. Turns out his boyfriend had filled up his butthole with cement. (Something for the co
This is the X-Ray of a 62-year-old Frenchman who had $4000 worth of coins removed from his belly. The mass of COins weighed over 12 pounds. CRACKED CO
A New Delhi man with chest pains and a boil that leaked air turned out to have part of a belt embedded in his body. The belt had been jammed into his
A doctor in China attached a man's finger to his stomach SO it would regrow its tissue. Wang Yongjun mangled his finger while using a power saw. His d
Doctors operating on a Phoenix woman to remove a brain tumor found a tapeworm instead. Rosemary Alvarez was experiencing headaches and blurred vision.

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